Bibliotheca Dantesca, Vol. 6

With volume 6, Bibliotheca Dantesca moves to the Manifold platform and enhances its digital and open-access features. The current issue includes a mix of articles that explore traditional Dante topics—from the reception of the Commedia in early modern religious settings to the animated debate about Beatrice in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—through innovative scholarly approaches. It also highlights the global reception of Dante's work and his influence on contemporary art, expanding the scope of Dante Studies. This issue features a thematic section titled DANTE CENTENARIES, THEN AND NOW, which examines the symbolic meanings of historical and contemporary Dante celebrations across different regions. The volume concludes with a detailed section of book reviews, devoted to exploring and critiquing recent scholarly works in Dante Studies.


We hope BD6 will encourage readers to engage with the blend of tradition and innovation presented in the journal and inspire new discussions and perspectives on Dante’s legacy.


All articles are available in both online reader version and PDF. To access an article's PDF, you can either (1) scroll down to the Vol. 6 Articles in PDF section located at the bottom of this page, or (2) visit the article page and click on the grey cube icon next to the article title.



Thematic Section: Dante Centenaries, Then and Now

Book Reviews

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Managing Editors: Francesco Marco Aresu, Eva Del Soldato, Tommaso De Robertis, Mario Sassi, Paolo Scartoni, Natale Vacalebre

Thematic Section Editors: Tristan Kay (University of Bristol), Federica Coluzzi (University of Warwick)

Digital Editor: Cosette Bruhns Alonso

Copyeditors: Giuseppe Bruno-Chomin (Pennsylvania State University), Giulio Genovese (Bryn Mawr College)

Editorial Assistant: Alan Zhang