The International Journal for Water Equity and Justice (IJWEJ)

The tenth volume for The International Journal for Water Equity and Justice (IJWEJ) focuses on emergent and groundbreaking work addressing water equity and justice issues globally. This special edition aims to amplify issues at the intersection of water resources and a vast range of topics, including the impediments to water justice, pathways to overcome past and current water injustice, and how water justice issues play out across differences such as gender, class, race, and ethnicity. IJWEJ actively seeks to promote diversity and inclusion among its contributors. The journal encourages submissions from scholars and practitioners across the globe, and strives for diverse and inclusive representation among contributors and readers.

Don't miss the latest addition to the journal- IJWEJ Dialog!

The second section of Volume 10 contains IJWEJ Dialog, the journal's featured blog. IJWEJ Dialog provides an exciting avenue for authors and artists to share their work and engage in multimodal publications outside of the peer-reviewed structure.

The blog aims to expand the discourse, reach, and impact beyond the traditional scholarly journal format. It allows for dynamic and engaging content, which can help to attract a wider audience. The IJWEJ Dialog welcomes a wide range of content, including photo essays, interviews, creative and artistic explorations, experimental engagements, work in languages beyond English, and much more. This diversity of content allows the platform to broaden the scope of the discourse.

IJWEJ Dialog provides a platform for diverse voices and perspectives to enrich the discourse and drive progress towards a more equitable and just water future.

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Journal Articles

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Issue Editors: Christiaan Morssink, Pam Lazos, Mariet Verhoef-Cohen

Editor-in-chief, Amisha Shahra